"Now You Can Have That Incredible Business and Life You've Always Wanted -- Even If You've Given Up Hope That It Would Ever Happen"

I'll show you step-by-step exactly what to start doing - and stop doing - in your business in order to have incredible cashflow and a much better quality of life, starting today!

Dear Friend,

Of course, everyone wants an incredible business and life. After all, it's an exciting prospect. I mean, who wouldn't want their business to create value, solve real problems and deliver 100% customer satisfaction? And who doesn't want the freedom that more money provides an abundance of? And what about the joy of just waking up happy and going to bed happy, every single day? Is that too much to ask?

I think it's fair to say that people, especially in the past 20 years, have had a glimpse that an incredible life is not just possible, but actually probable. And many have been seriously striving to have this incredible life for themselves.

But, in my experience, few seem to make it all the way to incredible. Most people are stopped, slowed down, overwhelmed or diverted by the realities of life itself and they never make it to incredible. Stuff just gets in the way: things like responsibilities, not delegating, obligations, the need to earn a living, demands of family and work, and confusion about what matters most.

Not to mention the daily hassles that just seem to come with growing a business,  living a modern life, like having car problems, computer problems, relationship problems, kid problems, money problems, time problems and work problems.

It seems that most folks only make it to the level in life where "life's not bad" or "life's pretty good." They are getting by and are uncomfortably comfortable. Most people simply give up and stop here before they get to having an incredible life.

But you know what? It IS possible and yes, even probable, that you can have an incredible business that works for you and the lifestyle you want. You know you deserve it. You see others having it. But you're not exactly sure what the steps are that you should take in order to get from your life to this incredible life.

That's where I come in. For the past 18 years, I've been working in Sydney, Australia, helping clients to grow profitable business and begin living their incredible life. It's just what I do in life. This is my career.

Over those 18 years, I've discovered exactly what works and what doesn't work when it comes to creating a sustainable, cashflow positive business and living an incredible life.

Here's a typical client I work with:
Recently, a man called me and told me that he had had enough of waiting, hoping and trying to figure out how to make his business work with him the centre of it. He was working close to 90 hours a week. He was sick, his wife was worried and if he crashed, the business would too.

He had some personal development work and was pretty aware of who he was. But his business and life hadn't evolved as much as he had and this disconnect was getting on his nerves. he knew there was a better way. He felt completely on the edge of some kind of breakdown and he knew he couldn’t sustain that way of working and living for much longer. Something was going to give and he didn’t want that to be his health, his marriage and family or his business.  He wanted to change his relationship with his business and take it to the next level.  He was prepared to take the steps and do the things that he’s never done before to get different and much better results.

I gave him a simple assignment that I knew would take less than 10 minutes and would literally change his life, and we made an appointment on the telephone for the following Monday.

He didn't wait for his appointment but instead called me back in 20 minutes, bubbling with excitement because the exercise I had asked him to do had done its magic. (No surprise; it always works.) In that very short period of time, the cobwebs cleared, his priorities instantly shifted and the foundation of his business and new life became crystal clear without him having to move a muscle.

And he was now ready for what coaching has to offer. Because he now knew what was most important to him in the business and his life. And because he had experienced the power of coaching in less than ten minutes.

This client and I spent a year together, and as a team we went through every aspect of his business, life and lifestyle and redesigned everything in order to transition him from having a “average” business to having an incredible business and life of his exact design.

You, too, can have an incredible business and life…
This same 10 minute exercise, and the power behind this process, can work for you too.
I know, because it's worked for hundreds of people just like you.
Your situation is not unique. More importantly - your situation IS coachable.

The strategies I use have been developed over 18 years of successfully working with people with all kinds of businesses, lives and lifestyles. All kinds. Even yours. I'll work with you closely and guide you through the process of redesigning your mindset, working your business and building your life until all of it is incredible.

You'll discover exactly what to do in order to simplify your business to get the results you dream about.
You'll discover exactly what do to in order to significantly reduce the hassles of modern living.
You'll discover how to rearrange your life so that people begin to happily orient around you and your needs.
I'll show you exactly how to upgrade the quality of your life from fair, good or very good to that of having an incredible life.

Over 18 years, I've successfully worked with every conceivable life and lifestyle. Now, you can have my lifetime of experience working to help you redesign your life.

Here's How I Can Help You To Start Upgrading Your Business and Life to Be Incredible.
I work very, very simply and I focus my work on a single topic; that of helping clients to redesign their business lives. Sometimes, we just have to make some critical tweaks. Other times, it's a complete life makeover. Most times, it's somewhere in between.

But here's the promise: Whatever you need, we can do.

I can help you. But you've got to take the first step. And the first step is to pick up the telephone and spend 10 minutes with me where I'll share with you the exercise I shared with the client I described above. That's the foundation of my work because it's the one thing I've found that actually works for everyone, and I do mean everyone. And you'll discover quickly if this approach is a perfect fit for you.

Please book a time in my diary for a time that suits you for us to have that 10 minutes. The link below will set that up for you.
I look forward to hearing from you today.

Jen Harwood
The Jenerator! Pty Ltd, Certified Coach
Sydney, Australia

P.S. - At this point in your life, either you want an incredible business and life or you don't. If so, I'm here to help you design and start living an incredible life and have a business that really works for you.

Client Testimonials

Stephanie Lowe

Jen was instrumental to my business growth at the time and we achieved results beyond my expectations. Jen has the ability to get you focused on what's important about your business. She assisted us in finding a clear direction for the future and putting together a 3 year strategic plan on how to get there. Her consultancy was very thorough and what was most comforting was that it was based on outcome not on time. I would highly recommend Jen for your business.

John Power

Around 12 months ago our business was only just ticking along. We had lost a key staff member and I had lost that get up and go attitude that I had in the rest 15 years of trading. Jen the Jenerator has totally turned this around. The business has a new class image and great future plans. I now love coming to work every day again, thanks to Jen and her team!

Max Ellery

Our automotive repair manual publishing company is quite unique with only a hand full of similar publishing companies worldwide. We needed a plan for the future. Jen specifically coached me in planning our marketing and operations strategies as well as looking at amy succession plan for the future. I would recommend Jen and her team to any company wishing to forward plan their activities and growth.